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My Website Launch!

Hi, my name is Joshua Hughes and I make websites. I've been designing and developing these puzzles for the past five years. Web design combines a lot of what I have passion for: illustration, typography, photography and technology. I'm always looking for better ways to make sites more interactive, user-friendly, useful, unique and beautiful. Keeping up with the latest and greatest in web design is exhausting, but I can't get enough. Put my obsession to use and hire me for your next project.

Fight Div-itis and Class-itis article

This is something that I have been guilty of. Sometimes it's just too easy to accomplish a layout by loading your HTML up with divs and classes. I have been trying to trim some fat off of my stylesheets with Object Orientated CSS. Now I'm going to keep this article in mind when coding my HTML markup. I'm a huge fan of using the 960gs. I never really thought about using the system on my elements to fill the layout instead of just adding div after div after div. Anyways, check out the article.

I just finished and it launched today. It's a simple site that I put together for posting skate videos I find on a daily basis and want to share. I religiously check Thrasher, Transworld, The Skateboarding Mag and a few other random sites. If I find videos that I think are especially good (happens almost everyday) I can post it on for other skaters who visit the site.

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